Saigon River Cruise Delights – Urban Elegance

Discover the allure of Saigon from a unique perspective with Saigon River Cruise. As you embark on a journey along the serene Saigon River, prepare to be captivated by the city’s hidden gems and vibrant culture. SACOTRAVEL invites you to indulge in an extraordinary experience that blends luxury and adventure.

An Overview of the Saigon River Cruise

Our cruises offer a front-row seat to the city’s breathtaking skyline, iconic landmarks, and the enchanting fusion of modernity and tradition. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the river while enjoying the premier Saigon River Cruise service and a variety of itineraries to suit every traveler’s preferences. Saigon River Cruise isn’t just a boat ride, it’s an exploration of Saigon’s heart and soul. Evening voyage under the city lights, each cruise promises an unforgettable journey through the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. You can elevate your travel experience, where elegance meets the pulse of Vietnam’s dynamic metropolis.

How To Get to Saigon River Cruise

Getting to Bach Dang Pier for Saigon River Cruise – Your Gateway to Riverside Elegance. Embarking adventure is a seamless experience when you head to Bach Dang Pier. Located conveniently in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, reaching this embarkation point is both accessible and enjoyable.


For those opting for personal transportation, ample parking facilities are available, ensuring a convenient start to your journey. Taxis and rideshare services are readily accessible, providing a hassle-free drop-off experience at the pier.


Public transportation enthusiasts will find that Bach Dang Pier is well-connected, making it easily accessible from various districts across the city. Whether staying in District 1 or exploring other vibrant areas, you’ll discover that reaching the pier is a straightforward and enjoyable part of your experience.


Top cruise ships serving dinner on the river

Start your culinary journey along the Saigon River with the participation of leading cruise lines promising unique and exciting experiences. Each ship caters to diverse interests, ensuring an unforgettable adventure for every type of traveler.

  • Enjoy intimacy with Indochina cruise

Experience warmth and intimacy with Du Thuyen Dong Duong, offering a cozy dinner. Immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere while enjoying a delightful evening with your loved ones.

  • Feast Aboard Dong Duong Indochina Queen

Dong Duong Indochina Queen sets the stage for a buffet-style dinner cruise. Revel in the variety of flavors offered in a stylish and comfortable setting, creating a perfect dining experience against the city’s sparkling skyline.


  • Group Dining on Saigon River Cruise

Gather your friends for a memorable evening, specializing in group dinner cruises. Enjoy the vibrant energy of the Saigon River while savoring delicious cuisine tailored for group celebrations.

  • Elegance and Extravagance with Bonsai

Bonsai sets the standard for opulent affairs, making it the perfect choice for extravagant celebrations. Revel in the lavish atmosphere as you host grand events or commemorate special occasions.


  • Romantic Dining with Saigon Princess

Saigon Princess elevates romantic dining to new heights. Perfect for couples seeking a sophisticated experience, this cruise promises an intimate setting and gourmet delights for a memorable evening.


Dining Experience – A Journey Through Time

Embark on a culinary odyssey with Saigon River Cruise, where every moment is carefully curated for an unforgettable dining experience along the Saigon River.

  • 18:00 – Welcome Aboard at Saigon Port, District 4

Your journey begins as our vessel awaits you at Saigon Port, District 4. Enjoy a seamless and punctual guest pick-up, setting the stage for an enchanting evening.

  • 18:45 – Dinner and Cultural Extravaganza

Step on board and indulge in a sumptuous dinner while being serenaded by live music and traditional dance performances. Our skilled chefs promise a culinary delight that harmonizes with the cultural richness of the entertainment.


  • 20:15 – Cruise Along Iconic Landmarks

As the clock strikes 8:15, embark on a mesmerizing journey. The cruise sets sail towards Thủ Thiêm Bridge, followed by a glide past the historic Nhà Rồng Harbor. Along the riverbanks, witness the city’s radiant nightscape, adorned with captivating hues, creating a magical and picturesque atmosphere.


  • 21:15 – Return to the Port, Culminating the Dining Experience

The journey concludes at 9:15 PM as the vessel gracefully returns to the port, marking the end of an exquisite dining experience. Disembark with memories of a night filled with delectable flavors and breathtaking views.

A Gastronomic Journey through Local Flavors

Embark on a culinary adventure with the Saigon River Cruise, an onboard culinary experience. SACOTRAVEL will unveil a series of delectable local delicacies that showcase the rich flavors of Saigon. Indulge your senses in a feast that captures the essence of Vietnamese cuisine.

  • Saigon Chinese Salad (Gỏi Tàu Sài Gòn):

Begin your culinary journey with the vibrant Saigon Salad, a refreshing salad that blends sweet and tangy flavors perfectly. The burst of freshness mirrors the city’s lively spirit, creating an appetizing start to your dining experience.

  • Steamed Red Tilapia with Ginger Onion (Cá Diêu Hồng Hấp Hành Gừng):

Dive into the delicate flavors of the Steamed Red Snapper with Ginger and Shallots, where the tender red snapper is steamed to perfection with aromatic ginger and shallots. This dish exemplifies the finesse of local seafood cuisine, offering a delightful encounter with Saigon’s maritime bounty.


  • Seafood Hot Pot (Lẩu Hải Sản):

Warm your taste buds with the savory Seafood Hot Pot, a flavorful seafood hot pot featuring an array of fresh catches from the Saigon River. Immerse yourself in the communal dining experience as you savor the rich broth and succulent seafood.


  • Sichuan Crispy Tofu (Đậu Hủ Chiên Giòn Tứ Xuyên):

Delight in the crispiness of Crispy Sichuan-style Tofu, a Sichuan-style fried tofu that adds a delightful crunch to your culinary journey. The unique blend of textures and spices showcases the diversity of Saigon’s culinary offerings.


  • Grilled Scallops with Pepper Sauce (Sò Điệp Nướng Sốt Tiêu):

Elevate your experience with the exquisite Grilled Scallops with Pepper Sauce, featuring succulent grilled scallops adorned with a flavorful pepper sauce. This dish embodies the sophistication of Saigon’s seafood creations.


  • Lotus Stem Salad with Shrimp and Pork (Gỏi Ngó Sen Tôm Thịt):

Conclude your culinary exploration with the crisp and refreshing Lotus Stem Salad with Shrimp and Pork, a lotus stem salad harmoniously combining shrimp and pork. The medley of textures and flavors encapsulates the diversity of Saigon’s culinary tapestry.


Elevate your travel experience and create lasting memories. Book your trip today and allow SACOTRAVEL to be your gateway to the captivating beauty, cultural richness, and cuisine. Saigon River Cruise awaits, ready to exceed your expectations and provide an experience like no other.

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