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How to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa?

You usually have 2 ways to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa, including:

  • Apply for a visa to Vietnam airport: You can register online in advance to get visa approval letter and get visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport
  • Apply for a visa at Vietnamese embassies abroad

How much to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa?

The cost of applying for a visa will depend on the method you choose to get the visa.

  • Get a visa at an embassy: the cost will vary by embassy
  • Get a Vietnam airport entry visa: you need to pay 2 types of fees: service fee and stamp fee

Do I need a COVID-19 test before traveling?

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that all travelers, both domestic and international, should have a test for COVID-19 virus 1-3 days before their journey.

If there have many arising problems during using the service with SACO Travel, who should I contact?

If there is a problem or arise during the tour or using other services such as air tickets, visa, hotels, yachts, car rental and so on. You can directly contact with our assistants. or contact Hotline 0918 27 27 27 for timely support.

Where can I find current exchange rates for local currency?

One currency website we recommend is https://www.customs.gov.vn/Lists/ExchangeRate/Default.aspx.

On arrival in your destination, you can find current local exchange rates easily at the hotel reception or at most local banks. The rates offered by the hotels are often favorable to the bank rate as they do not charge commission.

Should I use USD, Euro or the local currency?

In Vietnam, you must change money into local currency. However, the Vietnam Dong is not tradable outside Vietnam so you should only change a little at a time. In Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar, you can make larger purchases with USD but you will need some local currency for day-to-day small purchases like local restaurants, a bottle of water, souvenirs, etc. As a general rule across all countries, if shopping in the market or in a shop where you might bargain, you will probably get a better price in the local currency.

How can I use a local mobile phone service?

Mobile phone service is available across in South East Asia. Ask your guide to bring you to a local phone shop to purchase a SIM card to obtain a local number and prepaid credit. Please make sure your phone set is compatible to the local network. Coverage in rural areas is inconsistent.

How many days in advance should I apply Travel Insurance for my trip?

As most travel insurance policy would have trip cancellation coverage, you would be suggested to proceed with the insurance as soon as your itinerary is confirmed

In case of loss, damage or injury, what should I do in order to make a claim?

Please contact your insurance company’s claims department immediately. You need to fill in a claim form and submit the following documentary evidence to support your claim: Invoices and/or estimates for property damage, loss or theft; full medical evidence and receipts for medical claims; birth and death certificates for personal accident/life insurance policies. Again, please make sure you check the policy before purchasing travel insurance

Can I rent a car or a motorbike and drive myself?

In most countries, you can rent cars and motorbikes to ride yourself as long as you have an international driver’s license. However, please remember traffic and roads conditions in Vietnam may be very different to what you are used to and we do not recommend this in general.

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