Cao Dai Holy See – Mysterious spiritual tourism in Tay Ninh

Tay Ninh Holy See, the headquarters of the Cao Dai religion, is a spiritual destination not to be missed in Vietnam. Discovering Cao Dai Holy See, with its unique architecture and traditional spiritual atmosphere, opens the door to the journey of finding peace and spiritual connection.

Cao Dai Holy See

Location of Cao Dai Holy See

Cao Dai Holy See is also called the Holy Temple by local people. The Holy See is located at Pham Ho Phap Street, Hoa Thanh Town, Tay Ninh Province. Located about 4 km from Tay Ninh City and about 100 km from Ho Chi Minh City.

Location Of Cao Dai Holy See

Tay Ninh is the birthplace of Cao Dai Buddhism in Vietnam. Therefore, almost all central agencies of the Church are located here. The Holy See is considered the most important religious building of the Cao Dai religion.

With unique architecture and a long history, Cao Dai Holy See is considered one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Southeast region.

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How to Get to Cao Dai Holy See

  • Travel by bus with car service to Tay Ninh

You can choose Saco Limousine to go directly from Ho Chi Minh City to the Holy See without needing a transfer. The bus picks up and drops off passengers at central Ho Chi Minh City and Tay Ninh locations. The 9-seat Limousine is extremely spacious, has comfortable seats, and is served water and cold towels throughout the route. In addition, when paying for tickets online, you will also receive a discount code. Contact 1900 6027 or 0913 72 72 72.


  • Go to by bus

You can take a bus to visit the Holy See. Bus routes 701, 703, and 704 can all take you from Ho Chi Minh City to Tay Ninh.

  • Go by motorbike

With a distance of 100km, you can choose a motorbike to get here. From the center of Saigon, you follow Highway 22 to Go Dau district, Tay Ninh. Then turn onto National Highway 22B to get to Cao Dai Holy See.

Architecture Characteristics of East and West Philosophy

This is a complex of buildings built on an area of more than 2,000 m2. Cao Dai Holy See is surrounded by a fence and includes Holy See, Mother Buddha temple, and treasure tower. The length of the Holy See is about 100 m and there are a total of 12 gates.

All gates are carved with images of the Four Sacred Spirits (dragon, unicorn, tortoise, phoenix) and lotus flowers. Among them, Chanh gate is the largest gate with a unique decoration in the shape of two dragons and pearl paintings. Only on major holidays or special events such as welcoming heads of state or leaders of other religions are the doors of the Chief Gate opened.

Architecture Of Cao Dai Holy See

Outstanding by two bell and drum towers about 25 m high. The design of the Bell Tower is similar to the bell towers in other Catholic churches. The middle part of the Cao Dai Holy See is the symbol of Maitreya Buddha sitting peacefully. Besides, the architecture of the Holy See also reminds visitors of the circle of the sky and the square of the ground as in the Confucian theory of the universe.

In addition, the Eight Diagrams of the Holy See have a similar shape to the Eight Diagrams in Dao Tien. On the roof of Bat Quai, there are carved images of three Buddha statues. The architecture inside the Holy See is built with many similarities to the Nine Trung Dai and has 9 levels from bottom to top.

Architecture Of Cao Dai Holy See

Normally, architects will design and build religious architectural works into a meticulous drawings. The Tay Ninh Holy See was built by His Holiness Pham Ho Phap without any design, relying entirely on the hands of Cao Dai followers.

Experience Spirituality and Culture Through Unique Festivals at Cao Dai Holy See

Ceremony Via Duc Chi Ton

Organization time: January 8 every year (lunar calendar).

Festival description:

  • The “Via Duc Chi Ton” ceremony is a major spiritual event held at Cao Dai Holy See, attracting a large number of local people and tourists.
  • Participants will witness the unique beauty of incense dragons and magical beasts dancing in the bustling atmosphere.
  • The ethnic orchestra performing before the Holy Temple creates a vibrant atmosphere and broadcasts positive energy.

Ceremony Of The Supreme Being At Cao Dai Holy See

Display booths: 31 booths displaying historical models allow visitors to deeply understand Vietnamese culture and human values.

Note to visitors: The festival provides a wonderful experience of Vietnamese culture and spirituality. Encourage visitors to check the specific schedule before participating so as not to miss important events.

Yen Dieu Tri Cung Association

Organizing time: Full moon day of the eighth lunar month.

Special points:

  • The unique incense dragon dance with the combination of sacred animals such as dragons, unicorns, tortoises, and phoenixes, creates a joyful and vibrant atmosphere.
  • The collective vegetarian feast is a unique culinary experience, offering the opportunity to enjoy traditional vegetarian dishes.

Featured activities:

  • Preparing and repairing streets and ornamental plants for the festival creates a bustling and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Religious activities such as worshiping, a procession of cotton floats, dancing dragons and incense, jade unicorns, turtles, and phoenixes all enrich the festival.

Yen Dieu Tri Cung Association At Cao Dai Holy See

Note for visitors:

  • Please consider choosing a travel itinerary so that you can participate in festive activities at Cao Dai Holy See.
  • Choose a hotel near the city center to conveniently visit events.

Important Notes When Visiting Cao Dai Holy See

  • Main Ceremony and Worship Time: The main ceremony time takes place at noon, which is a solemn and sacred moment at Tay Ninh Holy See. If you intend to participate in worship and worship, please plan your trip to balance the time.
  • Regulations on shoes and spiritual impressions: You are not allowed to wear shoes inside the temple area. Prepare yourself for both a mundane and a sacred experience. Maintain personal hygiene, avoid making noise, and move gently to ensure a respectful atmosphere.
  • Entering the Great Hall and entrance rules: The Great Hall has two doors, men use the right door and women use the left door. Complying with this rule helps visitors experience the spiritual space in a powerful and dignified way.
  • Formal and religious attire: Cao Dai Holy See is a spiritual and religious site, so visitors need to choose polite attire. Avoid wearing shorts and short skirts to maintain the dignity of this space.
  • Rules for taking photos: When taking photos, please remember to only take photos of objects. Avoid taking pictures of Thien Nhan in photos
  • Check-in point: Visitors can climb to the top of the cathedral to admire the scenery and check-in, but need to ask permission from security.

Suggestions for attractive Tay Ninh tourist destinations near Cao Dai Holy See

If you are planning to add other interesting destinations to your trip to Tay Ninh, there are important places near Cao Dai Holy See such as:

  • Ba Den Mountain: A mysterious paradise in the arms of Vietnam with majestic mountain peaks and mysterious scenery, is a sacred place that takes visitors into a world of legends and wonderful beauty. A must-see destination for those wanting to explore the region’s unique culture and history.

Ba Den Mountain

  • Dau Tieng Lake: If you want to enjoy fresh air and natural beauty, Dau Tieng Lake is the ideal choice. You can relax, fish, or participate in other activities.


  • Lo Go – Xa Mat National Park: A large forest located in Tay Ninh province, Vietnam. This is an attractive destination for nature lovers. Coming here, visitors will be immersed in pristine nature, enjoy the fresh air and explore the rich and diverse ecosystem.

Lo Go – Xa Mat National Park

Tay Ninh culinary culture at Cao Dai Holy See

When you arrive at Tay Ninh Holy See, it is not only a spiritual journey but also an opportunity to explore the unique culinary culture of Tay Ninh. Experiencing exquisite and unique flavors, from traditional specialties to unique culinary variations, is an important part of the travel journey.

You can enjoy popular dishes such as mixed rice paper, with the delicate combination of rice paper, spices, and fresh ingredients creating a unique and exciting flavor. Trang Bang Banh Canh, a famous traditional dish, will make your culinary experience rich and attractive.

In particular, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Tay Ninh shrimp salt, a pure salt specially produced from local salt water. The unique flavor and excellent quality of this shrimp salt will captivate any gourmet.


Let Tay Ninh’s culinary culture contribute to enriching your journey, where every meal is a unique and culturally rich journey.

Cao Dai Holy See is not only a spiritual destination, but also a wonderful picture of culture and history. Start your journey here to discover the spiritual connection and unique beauty of Cao Dai Holy See.

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