Ba Den Mountain


Welcome visitors to the mysterious beauty of Ba Den Mountain, a wonderful picture in the heart of Vietnam, where nature blends with ancient historical stories. With rolling mountain peaks and spiritual scenery, it is a sacred place that takes visitors into a world of legends and wonderful beauty.

Highlighted in the list of famous destinations in Vietnam, Saco Travel will share the most complete and detailed experience of traveling to Ba Den Mountain.

Where is Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh?

Ba Den Mountain Tay Ninh, a sacred site located in Tay Ninh province, Vietnam, is a destination not to be missed for those who love to explore the unique culture and history of the region. Located at an altitude of more than 900 meters above sea level, about 25km northeast of Tay Ninh city center.

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Explain the name and cultural significance of Ba Den Mountain

Ba Den Mountain, also known as Phung Tien, is a famous cultural and spiritual symbol in Vietnam. Ba Mountain not only attracts tourists because of its breathtaking beauty but also because of the mysterious name that Vietnamese people have given it. The name ‘Ba Den’ is a simple description of the mountain’s appearance and a profound reflection of the cultural and spiritual importance that the mountain represents.


According to legend, Ba Den Mountain was formerly known as Mot Mountain.

The story about the mountain called Ba Den has been passed down since the 18th century, revolving around the story of a girl named Ly Thi Thien Huong, with natural beauty. When Thien Huong’s lover left on a great mission, she faced threats from evil tyrants, but still maintained her loyalty.

During the Nguyen Tieu days, Thien Huong often performed religious rituals in the mountains. As usual, on the way up the mountain to the temple, she was attacked by bandits. Although she fought back strongly, out of respect for women, Thien Huong sacrificed herself by jumping into the abyss to protect her virtue and honor.

That night, Thien Huong appeared in the dream of the abbot of the mountain temple, signaling the tragic event and requesting burial for his body. After that, people in the area built a shrine on the top of the mountain to remember and worship her. When Nguyen Anh ascended the throne and took the title Gia Long, he remembered Thien Huong’s story and how she told him about a safe place in the mountains. Therefore, he gave the title Linh Son Thanh Mau to Ba Den, and the statue of Ba Den was crafted from black bronze so that people could admire and worship. From that point on, Mot Mountain became famous as Ba Den Mountain.

Explore the unique history of Ba Den Mountain

Located in the middle of majestic Southeast Asia, Ba Den Mountain is not only a famous mountain but also a living witness to an impressive historical journey. Tay Ninh City, where Ba Den Mountain is located, carries many special pages of history. As the religious center of the Cao Dai religion, this city witnessed the development of one of Vietnam’s most important religious traditions. With millions of years of formation, Ba Mountain brings not only the breathtaking beauty of nature but also mysterious stories about the past.

  • Primitive and Ups and Downs: Formed from geological ups and downs over millions of years, Ba Den Mountain results from special natural power. Volcanic explosions and earthquakes have created the current and unique shape of Ba Den Mountain, highlighting its mystery and ravishing beauty.
  • Culture and Beliefs: Ba Den Mountain is a natural beauty and a source of inspiration for Vietnamese folk culture and beliefs. According to legends, the mountain is considered a sacred place, connected with stories about gods and national heroes. These stories have contributed to creating the mysterious beauty and spiritual meaning of Ba Den Mountain.
  • War Period: Ba Den Mountain also preserves important historical events, especially during the war period. This is a place used as a military base and witnessed many important developments in the nation’s history.

Today, tourists not only come to Ba Den Mountain to admire its natural beauty but also to dig deep into its history. Join SACOTRAVEL to start this exciting journey, discovering the chapters of the past that created one of the most famous mountains in Vietnam.

What is there to explore Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh?

Ba Den Mountain Tay Ninh is not only a tourist destination in Tay Ninh, but also a place with a variety of dramatic and interesting activities. Please accompany SACOTRAVEL to explore endless experiences at this mountain peak.

  • Climb mountains and roam the forest

With a height of up to thousands of meters, Ba Den Mountain is an ideal destination for those who like challenges and want to test themselves. Climbing the mountain will allow you to enjoy wonderful views and experience unique terrain ups and downs. In addition, walking in the cool green forest is also a great choice for gentle adventures.

Climbing Ba Den mountain

  • Visit sacred sites

Ba Den Pagoda, famous for the tallest Lady Buddha statue in Southeast Asia, is a spiritual destination not to be missed. Linh Son Phuoc Trung Tu, or Trung Pagoda, is a place to honor the deity and mark a heroic Vietnam.

Bronze Buddha statue

At Ba Den Pagoda, you will enter a sacred space, where the Lady Buddha statue stands tall with solemn beauty and power. This is a unique work of spiritual architecture and the pride of Southeast Asia with a height of 72m.

Linh Son Phuoc Trung Tu, with the familiar name Trung Pagoda, is an important spiritual destination. Here, Vietnamese history and culture are recorded and honored through relics and exquisite art.

History of Ba Den Mountain

Discover the spiritual beauty at Ba Den Pagoda, where the Lady Buddha statue and Linh Son Phuoc Trung Tu are religious symbols, taking you on a journey to learn deeply about the history and unique spiritual culture of the country. Vietnam. Come here to experience the solemn and sophisticated atmosphere of this spiritual space, where the soul and mind are renewed, and enjoy immersing yourself in peace and sanctuary.

  • Experience 3D technology

Entering the spiritual space at Ba Den Mountain becomes richer and more attractive with advanced technology. Based on the 3D Mapping dome, you will be transported to a Buddhist universe full of magic and tradition.

3D technology at Ba Den Mountain

Admiring national treasures through 3D hologram technology is an exciting experience, where history and culture are vividly recreated. Enjoy the delicate combination of modernity and tradition, creating a unique spiritual space only available at Ba Den Mountain.
Explore the mystery of the Buddhist universe through advanced technology, and experience immersion in a rich spiritual space at one of Vietnam’s most sacred destinations – Ba Den Mountain.

  • Magical spirituality in the beauty of Buddhist Art at Sun World

Sun World Nui Ba Den is not only an entertainment destination but also a place to admire a classy and magical work of Buddhist art. The spiritual experience here is not just a journey, but an emotional adventure in the exquisite and unique beauty of Buddhist art.

Buddhist artwork at Sun World Nui Ba Den

Based on a sacred space, Sun World Nui Ba Den is a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the religious atmosphere and admire high-class works of art, from creative paintings to sophisticated sculptures. Every detail depicts the sophistication and depth of Buddhist philosophy.

  • Spiritual Adventure

Ba Den Mountain, a spiritual destination with a rich history, is an ideal place for those seeking a connection with the spiritual world. Immersed in the sacred space, visitors have the opportunity to challenge themselves through activities such as pen solving, fortune telling, and participating in worshiping ceremonies at temples, where positive energy is conveyed.

Festival at Ba Den Mountain

Participating in festivals at Ba Den Mountain is an opportunity to experience the unique religious atmosphere and meaningful traditional rituals. In particular, immersed in the bustling festival atmosphere, Ba Den Mountain becomes most vibrant from the full moon of the first lunar month (Nguyen Tieu) to the end of the third lunar month. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the Ba Den Ceremony or witness the statue bathing ritual on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, where you will witness the grandeur and unique spiritual traditions of Tay Ninh red soil.

Suggestions for attractive Tay Ninh tourist destinations near the mountain

If you are planning to add other interesting destinations to your journey, there are important places near Ba Den Mountain such as:

  • Go Ken Pagoda: Located not far from Ba Den Mountain, Go Ken Pagoda is an important spiritual tourist destination. Tourists can visit unique architecture and participate in religious ceremonies here.

Go Ken Pagoda

  • Cao Dai Holy See: As the headquarters of the Cao Dai religion, Tay Ninh Holy See is a destination not to be missed. Visitors can visit, learn about the Cao Dai religion, and enjoy the impressive architecture of the holy building.

Cao Dai Holy See

  • Dau Tieng Lake: If you want to enjoy fresh air and natural beauty, Dau Tieng Lake is the ideal choice. You can relax, fish, or participate in other nautical activities.


Tay Ninh’s culinary culture

When you set foot on the Mountain, it is not only a spiritual journey but also an opportunity to explore the unique culinary culture of Tay Ninh. Experiencing exquisite and unique flavors, from traditional specialties to unique culinary variations, is an important part of the travel journey.

You can enjoy popular dishes such as mixed rice paper, with a delicate combination of rice paper, spices, and fresh ingredients, creating a unique and exciting flavor. Trang Bang Banh Canh, a famous traditional dish, will make your culinary experience rich and attractive.

In particular, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Tay Ninh shrimp salt, a pure salt specially produced from local salt water. The unique flavor and excellent quality of this shrimp salt will captivate any gourmet.


Let Tay Ninh’s culinary culture contribute to enriching your journey, where every meal is a unique and culturally rich journey.

Coming here, visitors not only have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty and spiritual architecture but also participate in unique experiences and interact with the local community. It promises to be a meaningful journey and a profound discovery of Vietnamese culture. Ba Den Mountain is proud to be a multi-dimensional destination, providing a wonderful experience for those who want to explore the diversity and depth of this country.

Please accompany SACOTRAVEL on the sunny and windy road to discover the secrets here. Feel the passionate love of nature on each rocky path and immerse yourself in the sacred atmosphere at the top of the mountain. Stop and listen, because here, beauty is not just an image, but a wonderful concert of nature and history. We will tell visitors stories and feel that, sometimes, immersing yourself in mystery is the key to opening the door of the heart. Let’s start the adventure and let SACOTRAVEL have the opportunity to take you to endless experiences.

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